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Shri Babaji’s World Tour 2010 : Programmes In Malaysia

The highlight of Shri Babaji’s trip to Malaysia this time was the public programme held at the Batu Caves temple in Kuala Lumpur where He launched two of His books, Path Supreme and Gurucharanambujam.

The programme entitled ‘Universal Peace & Harmony in the Presence of the Himalayan Yogi’ was held on Saturday 24 April 2010 at 7.30 pm at the Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple Devasthanam Hall, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur.

A lot of work was put in by the devotees to prepare for this momentous occasion, working tirelessly over the last one month. D day was the 24 April 2010. The hall was filled with about 700 devotees and members of the public. At 6.00pm, Shri Babaji arrived and He was greeted by the temple Committee and accorded proper respects and ushered around the Ganesha temple by the temple priest and the Committee members of the temple and His Malaysian devotees.

At 7.45pm, Shri Babaji entered the Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple, Devasthanam Hall. He was given a grand reception. At the entrance to the hallway, Patha pooja and Arthi were performed for Him. He was then ushered to a grandly decorated dais on the stage. As He walked, flower girls dropped rose petals at His feet. On stage Shri Babaji paid homage to His Guru and took His seat on the dais. Blessed were all those who came as it is not every day one can witness a Yogi like Shri Babaji. His presence itself was salve to the soul.

The evening event started with a brief introduction of Shri Babaji and His Guru Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj who is fondly known to His devotees as “Swamiji”. The narration was accompanied by a slide show on the works of both Shri Babaji and Shri Swamiji.

At 8.30pm, Shri Babaji addressed the devotees gathered. He spoke in Tamil as the majority of those present were Tamilians. His 20 minutes discourse touched on the importance of meditation which helps one to control the mind. Throughout the discourse there was pin drop silence as all listened with rapt attention to Shri Babaji’s teachings on meditation. Shri Babaji also spoke about the two books that He had written. Guru Charanaambujam is a commentary on the Guru Geeta by Shri Babaji which teaches how a devotee should live his life, with all humility and total devotion to His Guru, the need for a Guru, His Role as a Guru and the qualities of a Realized Guru or Sat Guru. Path Supreme is a compilation of Shri Babaji’s teachings and conversations with devotees at the Dehradun Ashram on the path to Self Realization.

The climax of the evening was of course the launch of Shri Babaji’s two books, an occasion eagerly waited for by all devotees. At 9.00pm, Shri Babaji initiated the launch gimmick. The gimmick comprised of the two books emerging from a lotus flower. The gimmick was a grand success. Shri Babaji was impressed at the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the mission youths who had created the gimmick and He praised them.

At 9.20pm, Darshan followed with Shri Babaji giving his blessings to the crowd of more than 700 people. Darshan was accompanied by bhajans sung by the Malaysian devotees. Darshan ended at about 10.30pm with Shri Babaji leaving the temple hall at 11.00pm.

On the following day, 25 April 2010, devotees from the Rawang Mission, Selangor accompanied Shri Babaji for a homam and darshan programme in Ipoh, Perak. The devotees together with Shri Babaji left Rawang at 6.30am and reached the Ipoh Centre at 8.00am. Breakfast was served after which the devotees started preparing for the homam. The devotees worked quickly as Shri Babaji had instructed that the homam was to begin at 11.00am. At 11.00am the homam began with Shri Babaji Himself conducting the Homam at one point. There were devotees both from Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur totalling about 120 people. Homam ended at noon. At 12.20pm, Shri Babaji accompanied by some devotees from the Rawang Mission left for the home of another Ipoh devotee to have lunch.

For the evening darshan programme devotees arrived as early as 4.00pm. By 6.00pm, the hall was filled with devotees from Ipoh and other parts of Perak. There were at least 300 devotees gathered.

At 6.10pm, Shri Babaji came down to the main hallway. A dais had already been set up for Him, as usual adorned with decorations and flowers. In His usual loving manner, Shri Babaji welcomed the devotees and told them that it was a pleasure to see them all. Over the next 25 minutes He spoke about mind control and the importance of good moral values. Shri Babaji also reiterated the importance of meditation as an effective tool in controlling the mind. During the last part of His satsang, He spoke about the two books which He had launched in Kuala Lumpur and urged devotees to purchase them when they became available. There was also a question and answer session with Shri Babaji where devotees sought clarification on spiritual questions. It was a fruitful session and devotees benefitted from the satsang given by Shri Babaji as the answers given were apt and provided answers to many of their doubts and uncertainty. The session ended at about 8.45pm whereupon darshan was given by Shri Babaji to all devotees. It was a indeed a spiritual journey for the devotees while some of the newcomers became instant converts and looked upon Shri Babaji as their Divine Guru. During the darshan session bhajans were sung. It was a spirited performance by the Ipoh bhajan group as they were initially nervous to sing in front of their Beloved Guru but they quickly warmed up and gave an excellent performance. The night session ended at about 10.00pm and after dinner, Shri Babaji and the devotees from the Rawang Mission left for Kuala Lumpur.

On the 26th April 20120, Shri Babaji held another darshan programme for devotees at the Rawang Mission. Shri Babaji wanted to meet his devotees as well as to launch the Malaysian Mission’s new website. At about 7.30pm, devotees from around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor had gathered at the Rawang Centre for Shri Babaji’s darshan programme. The evening began with pooja and recitation of the “Deva Ganam”. Arathi was then performed for Shri Babaji.

At about 9.00pm Shri Babaji officially launched the website named as Shivabalayogi Shivarudrabalayogi Universal Peace Mission ( Devotees were given a preview of the pride and joy of the Malaysian Mission and were able to see on a wide screen the life and teachings of both Shri Swamiji and Shri Babaji. Shri Babaji told the devotees that He was happy with the progress of the website and that He wanted it to be constantly updated with news about the Malaysian Mission’s activities.

At about 9.30pm, Shri Babaji sat down with the devotees and expressed His hope and aspiration that all His devotees stay united and work together as one family and constantly observe and spread the teachings of Shri Swamji and Shri Babaji. Shri Babaji also thanked His devotees for their hard work and contribution in ensuring all the events organized over the last few days a huge success. Devotees were touched by the sincerity and humility of their Guru and pledged that they will ensure the Malaysian Mission stayed strong and united. There was also a short question and answer session with Shri Babaji before He retired for the night.

27th April 2010 was a sad day for the Malaysian devotees as Shri Babaji was leaving for Singapore on transit before departing to Australia to visit His devotees there. The flight to Singapore was at 6.50pm but the devotees had gathered as early as 4.45pm to send off their Beloved Guru. Shri Babaji arrived at 4.50 pm accompanied by His assistant, Sister Rekha Sharma. It was a subdued crowd of devotees who talked in whispers and sat on the floor of the Airport at the feet of Shri Babaji. It was also a very quiet,  Shri Babaji who lapsed into silence. Perhaps He too would miss His devotees but then duty calls as He has many devotees in other parts of the world that He needed to visit and bless. At about 5.45pm, devotees lined up to get their darshan from Shri Babaji. At 6.00pm, Shri Babaji said His goodbyes and accompanied by Sister Rekha left for the Immigration checkpoint before checking into His flight. Indeed the one week with Shri Babaji had passed by so quickly leaving the devotees sad but yet comforted by the thought that they would be seeing Shri Babaji during His next visit to Malaysia in September 2010.



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