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Shri Babaji’s New Year Message 2012

When you close the eyes to meditate, you should be able to keep quiet, means mentally you should be able to keep quiet. The more you are quiet in your consciousness that is mind, the closer you are to your real SELF. Your every effort in meditation must be to achieve this silence of the mind. Then only consciousness or mind becomes aware of its own existence and you discover that the origin of mind is none other than your real SELF. Because of its preoccupation with imaginations, it has imagined about your self as something else based on the physical body which was not at all you.


All over the world different cultures calculate the moments, days and year of calender in different ways. So, for different cultures New Year’s day falls on different months and days. However, probably December to January are more popular and widely accepted. We do respect all cultures and convey our best wishes for the happiness of the entire humanity. In fact our good wishes for peace and harmony would be for all beings of all the worlds known or unknown.

We just need to ponder over the moments and days that have gone by as to what was our short coming, in what way our own ego and other negative aspects of the mind troubled us and did not allow us to learn and made us suffer or go into such harmful conflict causing us to lose the peace and harmony. No need to brood too much, future is in front of us. We need to understand how precious every moment and every day is. We go into New Year with a new hope and dream for happiness, peace and harmony.

Once the moment has become the past there is nothing that we can do but in this moment we can always think positively, give up our egos as humanity, give up conflicts, give up violence. Let us learn to live for each other peacefully, non violently, harmoniously. Let us not bother each other with ego, false pride, greed, anger and jealousy. These wrong things make our own mind a casualty and keeps us away from our real SELF making us miserable all the time.

Our efforts should be to achieve peace and contentment within and always try to create a peaceful atmosphere for others. By properly communicating, talking and understanding we can sort out many problems of our disharmonious life. We all can have peace and enjoyment. Let us dream and work for peace always, let us pay tributes to our beautiful home Earth and the amazing final truth of our existence, the supreme consciousness, Divinity.

Happy New Year and Peace and harmony to all.

With love and blessings, Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi 1 Jan 2012



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