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Shri Babaji’s Christmas Message

They have been appearing on this earth from time immemorial, in different parts of this world. Mighty and noble in nature, they always have tried to create awareness amongst humanity to love and honor each other. Be considerate and harmonious to each other. Do not be biased. Do not discriminate rich and poor. All are God’s children. They have had the magnanimity to forgive the bad and even the worst. Such great souls who have appeared in different times, and though they have used different terminologies and shown different paths, they have also shown that the Truth is one. There is no reason why humans have to be against each other. There is everything that humans have to live for each other. These great souls are recognized by the followers in many ways, like incarnation of God, Son of God, Enlightened etc. All are equally great.

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year in many ways. Devout followers of Jesus Christ known as Christians celebrate all over the world. There are also many moderate people belonging to other religions or groups who honor the birth of such a great soul who graced this earth. Our beloved Master Shivabalayogi taught all religions are equal and honorable. This great, mighty soul came to teach sacrifice, love, honor, forgiveness and harmony. Whatever we know of Him and try to convey may be inconclusive and only a drop in the ocean. Our heartiest greetings, love and honor to all who celebrate Christmas.

As we are coming towards the end of this year 2010, let us look forward with a new hope and prayer for peace to all in the world and let us dream, visualize and cherish such hopes of a conflict free, safe, peaceful better world for all.

The above mentioned things are in no way directed against any individual or group of individuals, this is just to share how our beloved Master Shri Swamiji taught us to love and honor each other. May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and harmonious.

With love and blessings


24 December 2010

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