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Shri Babaji app now available

Download the “Shri Babaji” App here

We are delighted to announce the launch of the “Shri Babaji” app.

Under the guidance of Babaji and Maa Ambaji, this app has been beautifully designed to present the wisdom and inspiration of Babaji’s teachings at your fingertips.

The app features a meditation timer to help with your regular practice – so now you can start your meditation listening to Babaji’s meditation instructions and be gently brought out of your meditation by Babaji’s melodious chant. You just choose how many minutes (or hours!) of meditation you want.

It includes access to transcripts, audio and videos of Babaji’s talks and a handy live calendar for the satsangs in your local area.

Want a short, sweet burst of deep inspiration to start your day or bring it to a peaceful close? There are short quotes of Swamiji and Babaji accompanied by selected photos that you can view.

This app is the result of dedicated efforts by a team of devotees who have offered it in loving service to Babaji and His beloved Guru Swamiji.



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