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Message for Guru Poornima

A thinking, a dream, a visualization, never to lose hope, how nice it would be if humanity live for each other in nonviolence, in harmony, in love and honor. Whenever a Saint or Yogi has come to this planet earth, this is what such a one would like to dream and create awareness. Baba has always felt that one can behave and live like this, only when one has the capability. Simply, instead of lecturing one to bake the bread, a Yogi would like to bring the oven, flour and all provisions to help the students learn and bake the bread. This is what Baba has always tried to create; an awareness that helps seekers to practice meditation and to achieve the ability to live as dreamt above—talk about real Self, dream about real Self, visualize about real Self, target the real Self awareness.

Guru Poornima is when seekers, who consider a teacher as Guru, pay tributes to the Guru and by undertaking the journey guided by the Guru, renew their resolution to conquer over the darkness of ignorance by following the path shown by the Guru.*

Every moment, an opportunity is given by The Ultimate Truth—The Divine, so that one can learn. If the mind is at peace, then it can remain focused and its observative power is automatically increased. Then one is able to notice the inspiration coming out and everything that is happening would appear clear as a teaching, like the clear full moon. Keeping ourselves open minded for learning is the real tributes one can pay to the concept of “Guru”. When we learn from everything, anywhere, then everything becomes “Guru”. When we practice what we learn, we pay rich shradhanjali (tributes). We need to conquer the ego—the sword is Meditation and “Guru’s” initiative to give the secret technique is initiation. Showing the path and guiding on the journey is “Guru’s” grace. Trying to make a student stand on one’s own feet is the real Guru’s nature.

Enough of the disabled life—overcome the weakness in the mind. When one does this, one would have paid the richest shradhanjali to “Guru”; such a one would make the “Guru” proud. Claim the Guru as your own. Ask this question to yourself, which Master do you want to serve, ego, the master who claims you as a slave, or the master who wants you to stand on your own feet.

Deep appreciations to all who have worked for continuance of this newsletter, to make it reach every door step, for the benefit of all.

With love and blessings,

Babaji 25 July 2010, Guru Poornima

*This year’s Guru Poornima falls on July 25th.

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