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Mahasamadhi Day Aradhana

The 16th anniversary of the Divine Guru Shri Swamiji’s Mahasamadhi Aradhana is to be held here in Dehra Dun Ashram where Babaji is based since 35 years.

It is about 16 years since Shri Guru Maharaj disappeared physically to the ordinary eyes. He continues to be with us in every manner. He silently conveys His message, He talks, He guides, He inspires, He works, He continues through all His disciples. I remember once, Swamiji spoke, “Hey! Look, Swamiji is like Buddha. Few had the chance to see Buddha in His physical figure and after that the next generation get to hear about Buddha from the disciples who keep coming generation after generation. In the same way tomorrow when Swamiji shall disappear physically the world get to hear about Swamiji and His philosophy from you all disciples who shall come generation after generation.”

He showed the path that is supreme. He told Mind and its judgments are the problem. Overcome the ego through Meditation. Do not waste time and energies finding faults with others in a narrow-minded, selfish manner. Do not feel offended for every smaller thing. Time is precious. Physical body is racing towards death. Once in a life cycle chance to meditate and become aware of the Self. Whatever you do as sadhana Mind must recede and become pure, composed, ready to go introvert and get absorbed in the Self, that is when you become aware of Yourself. You chose what you want to do. If you sincerely pray, grace of the Guru shall descend.

Love and blessings,




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