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24 January 2013 – the birth date of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj

Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi writes:

It was a beautiful moment, in 1949, millions and billions, perhaps everyone in this world would be eating fruits, their food and so on but to this young boy of fourteen years old when He was trying to squeeze out the juice, instead of the juice coming out of the fruit something else happened. For a while it was a nightmare for His mother because at the age of fourteen He was the only breadwinner of the family. He had no idea what He was going to do that day, what was going to happen to Him, what was in store from the Divine for Him. He had just gone to the canal to have a bath with friends.

He was trying to overcome the poverty with honesty and hard work. He was a mighty soul by birth, it was as if He was born for a specific purpose. No wonder the Divine chose Him for His Mission.  Perhaps He wanted a mighty soul to do a great Tapas so He came and He made this young boy to sit for Tapas. Everybody else simply saw Him sitting with closed eyes in a lotus posture. Nobody knew what had happened to Him, why He simply sat like that instead of eating the fruit and playing with the friends and having a bath in the canal.

He was a Yogi born for Tapas as if God had descended in human form.

His mother came and she was bewildered, “What has happened to my son?” She didn’t know, He wouldn’t speak anything, He wouldn’t open His eyes. Amusement for some, jealousy for some in that village, it was a small hamlet in the Southern Andhra Pradesh coastal State of India. Some were jealous because He was an honest and mighty soul, He was outspoken and He wouldn’t tolerate injustice, that was why they were jealous of Him. He was quite popular and He was doing very well in the business so they just tried to trouble Him by beating Him with canes and troubled Him by throwing stones and mud. All such things were happening. What had happened to this boy? A great transformation had come. He was no more a weaver boy. He was a Yogi, born for Tapas as if God had descended in a human form.

Jangama Dhyana this was what my Master wanted to name this technique of meditation. All this has been practiced in India since very, very ancient times but this was what was given to Him by the Divine’s appearance, the Lord Shiva concept, manifested as aJangama Sage who made Him to sit for Tapas, He asked Him to sit down and touching Him in between the eyebrows and He patted on the head. That was what happened to Him. He didn’t know who it was, He simply saw a matted hair, a long personality, an amazing aura and a dazzling light around, it was dumbfounding for Him. He had made Him to sit and go into deep meditation, unaware of His body or the surroundings. That was what happened.

If you ever close your eyes and try to stop your mind, try to make it not to think, not to ponder over, not to worry, not to run like a monkey in the world then you understand how difficult it is. Even in the scriptures also the students were learning, like Arjuna was learning this yoga by the teachings of Lord Krishna, he asked Him, “The mind is so slippery and it seems to be impossible to stop it. How to do that one?”  Shri Krishna said, “By practice, Oh beautiful son of Kunti, by practice.”

If we have achieved you can also do it, definitely.

Practice can give you perfection. By determination, again and again, by practice. And having a positive thinking. Though it is very, very difficult, it is not impossible. Impossible is a different thing. Difficult is a different thing.  If it is impossible then there is no point in trying to do it, but if it is very difficult one can try and definitely achieve. So that is what one would like to say sitting here.  If we have achieved, you can also do it, definitely. That’s why perhaps the Divine comes as a human being sometimes to show. That’s how He came to this world. And He did twelve years of vigorous Tapas. Imagine, He could stop His mind for eighteen to twenty hours in a single stretch of sitting, quietly sitting. He stopped the mind. He was just watching. He was asked to watch and He just watched. He did not think, He did not worry, He did not visualize anything. His mind did not run. He wouldn’t allow it to run because He was determined, He had that will-power. So like that He did it for nearly eight years for twenty hours a day and for the next four years He did it for sixteen hours. Only in the midnight He used to get up for a while to have a little bit of milk.

He was always sincere. He never tried to propagate superstitious things. He said the physical body will always be a physical body. Though He did vigorous Tapas He used to get up at midnight to have a glass of milk. His mother was serving and looking after Him. There was no other way for her. Though in the beginning she was bewildered she was a noble lady. She gave away her son to this world. She didn’t keep Him to herself or the family. She knew something Divine had happened. She had some beautiful experiences too, some visions so she thought, “May the world be benefitted. May I serve this son of mine who is the Son of God and who is God and everything for me.” So selflessly she served for twelve years.

He came as if God came to live with them.

Every month the sameJangama Sage used to appear to Him and guide, what was needed to do. And at the end of twelve years the Divine Lord Shiva and Parvati came to Him. They manifested in the physical form and spoke to Him. They wanted Him to do Their work in this world. Because Swamiji didn’t have any desires to ask God, He didn’t have any idea of a million dollars or a property or any Emperorship. He had no wishes left, no desires left. He was totally satisfied, contented. There was Supreme Peace and great dazzling aura on His face.  He was totally contented. He was much, much more than anything in this world, He had become One with God.

So thus, for His devotees, for His disciples He came as if God came to live with them. That was how we saw Him. For us definitely it was God.

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