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What is Happiness?

It is our mind that creates our anxious and tense moments. Meditation helps to control the mind and is the only way to control these thoughts and emotions and to take the mind towards the Divine. 

Rituals are important and symbolic. They help to focus the mind. However, the mind's attention must be concentrated totally on the ritual, not away thinking of other things. There must be no compromise on the mind's attention. It is meditation that concentrates and brings the mind introverted. Many rituals are done in blind faith. However, God never asked for anything. God has no rules and does not ask for any particular flower, fruit or other such thing. You can offer anything clean and appealing to God. Many get attached to the rituals and are not be able to spiritually progress further to obtain Peace and Happiness.

Meditation means 'attention to'. Efforts and dedication to daily practice of meditation is required to gradually bring the mind under control. 

The mind’s imaginations create the illusions or feelings of happiness and unhappiness. What is happiness? Is it having $1000, a flash air-conditioned car or other such things? We live in an empowered world where there is no end to the things that one can imagine may make them happy. Remember that the whole universe is transitory. So, you cannot depend on the world for your happiness or peace. Permanent Peace and Happiness will only come when you become the master of your mind and meditation is the only way to find your true self.



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