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Thus Spake The Divine Guru Swamiji To Me

Shri Babaji writes:

Swamiji spoke and groomed me up in a different way removing all confusion about Truth. Perhaps HE saw that need and temperament in me ready to receive that teaching. I am writing below of what HE used to talk to me on the balcony of Dehra Dun ashram mostly in the midnight hours or early morning hours when nobody was around.

1) Mind is made up of Pure Consciousness and Energy. If the mind is like a droplet, its origin and Ocean is Divinity, all-pervaded.

2) Space is not just a void place; it is Supreme Consciousness of Existence of Ultimate Truth.

3) From this Divinity only all forms have appeared as manifestations.

4)  Adi Murthis are Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

5)   Shakti that is present in the all-pervaded Supreme Consciousness is Adi ParashaktiMother Divine.

6)  This Supreme Consciousness known as Shiva and Supreme Shakti known as Adi Parashakti are inseperable and one in existence. This is Ardhanareeshwara. This is beyond forms and formlessness.

7) It is stupid of people arguing of form and formlessness. Truth is beyond both and there is no definition for this.

8) On whichever form you Meditate, manifestation happens in that form and then final merger of Jeevatma happens with Paramatma by the guidance, grace of manifested Darshan of Ishtadaivam which guides you and Guru gives the power to have Atmasakshatkaram.

9) Swamiji said God is not an imagination of humans, God exists.

10) Swamiji said once, see whatever is everywhere, all-pervaded and exists in ITSELF without the need of anything else for ITs existence is The Supreme Being. (Swamiji used the words PARAMATMA SHANKAR BHAGAVAN)

These are a few samples in which way Shri Swamiji spoke to me in His Upadesham. Those were beautiful days and time of my life on this Earth. I felt most fortunate to have received these teachings directly from the mouth of our beloved Shri Swamiji. He said when Samadhicomes you will know the Truth. Shri Swamiji later during my Tapas blessed and gave power to experience this Truth.

Swamiji only had told me the story of Adi Parashakti once, during the begining of creation ferociously when Rudra got created, Rudra was wondering as to who He was when suddenly He had appeared in Akasham. Rudra shouted, “Who am I and who made Me to come in to existence like this? What am I supposed to do?” A voice came from within, in the Akashamthus, “Sit quietly closing your eyes, concentrate your mind and sight in between eye brows and keep watching. You will become aware of truth of yourself.” Thus first supreme technique knowledge of Dhyana came in to force.

After this Paramatma created Illusion but when creation started, along with Rudra, ferociousagini also got created due to Shakti spandanam (I remember this is the word Swamiji used probably for reverbrating). All the creation got engulfed in to this fire, then Brahma, Vishnu, Shankara appeared along with Sanaka, Sanandana etc. (Swamiji was there in this first Yogiform) and prayed to that Shakti fire to assume the form of Ammal, so that there can be Mother concept which is embodiment of compassion – loving and forgiving even without begging for forgiveness by anybody and thus Parabrahmam in the form of Adi Parashakticame in to existence.

At that time Swamiji said, “I (Swamiji) was there as Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, Adi Parashakti, Sanakadi yogis.” “The ‘I’ was everywhere, in everything and as everything,” was the sentence Swamiji said. What He exactly said was “Sarva Vyaptigaanu, Sarvamulonu, Sarvamugaanu unnanani Parama Pragjna kaligindi, E okka vikalpamu lekunda swachchanda Samadhilo.” Thus spake Swamiji showing His vishwaroopam.”

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