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The Ultimate Truth

Shri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj’s Message for the World, 7 August 2012

Thinking and planning, we try to manage the affairs of our life on this earth. Through this we try to manage energy at various levels within and outside the body. This energy is a very substantial aspect of our own existence. Managing these energy levels has to happen through and by the consciousness, which is the other face of our own being in existence, apart from the energy. Managing this consciousness is also necessary which is like keeping the consciousness intact. This energy and consciousness that we have is recognized as mind in this world, in which we have the consciousness of our own existence. This consciousness of our real existence is hidden just now due to the preoccupation of this consciousness trying to manage its energies. Spiritual practices like meditation enables one to keep the consciousness under control and single pointedly focused. This consciousness and energy, which we call as mind, is a micro-spark of the supreme consciousness and energy which is all pervaded, having unimaginable, immeasurable capabilities. It is this supreme consciousness and energy which builds the matter of this universe by a sheer picturizing visualization technique. This visualization happens by a small minute portion of the actual supreme consciousness energy which also is immeasurably greater than the mind, that we are, as the visualized individuals. The more that one can practice and achieve the ability to meditate for longer periods, the more the micro-consciousness’ ability increases to manage its micro-energies. When I mention as micro-consciousness and micro-energy, it is to be understood for now as mind. It is mind because of the thoughts and visual effects that are present as acquired habits. When one reaches the level where substantial meditating time becomes possible, capabilities of consciousness to manage energy levels increase tremendously. If one is ready to get trained under the watchful eyes of an expert genuine Master of this subject, while one gains the abilities, one also gains the character of humility and consideration. Instead of being selfish and narrow-minded, one becomes broad-minded and gains the thinking capabilities of larger cause like welfare of the entire universe. At least for now it is humans who can achieve these character capabilities there by building a harmonious destiny of this world. Then there will be happiness for all. Apart from the abilities to achieve success in life by tapping the resources of this universe, to discover and invent things, to increase the power and comforts in the fields of science, technology, communication etc., it is essential that humans understand and become aware of their true nature of existence, which can only give the character that is necessary to restrain one’s own energies to the use of this world harmoniously, where there shall not be any hatred, jealousy, greed and arrogance of power and status, belittling of others with a selfish agenda, having double standard attitudes of one justice for themselves and another for others and so on. Where there shall be happiness for all, love and honor for all. It is collectively by the Spiritual practices of meditation that humanity can build better destiny of this world. Though ultimately this universe is impermanent.

May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.

With love and blessings,


7 August 2012

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