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The Peace Within

Talks by Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj

As a lily is said to be spoilt by gilding, so the ancient teachings of the sages have been gilded by numerous hands over many centuries, each adding a layer of belief, terminology, or methodology. Baba Shivarudra Balayogi’s teachings are based on His own direct experience, cleansed of confusion, and resplendent in their simple beauty. The truth is easily recognisable by a genuine spiritual seeker and resonates deep within.

Baba’s wisdom and warm sense of humor come through in this second book in the ‘Heart of Peace’ series, ‘The Peace Within’ – a collection of His talks and questions and answers from public programs held around the world. Many basic and diverse questions on spirituality and the practice of meditation are answered with the absolute clarity of someone who has achieved Realization.

In this compilation Baba tells us how to achieve the peace and happiness that we are seeking, which is the real motive behind all our actions. He tells us how the sense of insecurity and ego can dominate and gives us clues on how we remove such obstacles to Realize the True Self. The systematic application of meditation and spiritual practice by which we can reach the ultimate goal of our lives is emphasized and explained clearly in a simple, practical way, inspiring the reader to follow.

Since the completion of His five year Tapas in 1999, Baba has regularly travelled the world on the invitation of devotees to help all sincere seekers understand spirituality and the practical points of meditation. He is able to explain the deeper meanings and clarify various concepts in straightforward language, suitable for all stages of spiritual practice. The guidance of a Realized Master is a precious opportunity. The many doubts, confusions and misunderstandings commonly found in spirituality are dispelled by one who knows the Ultimate Truth.



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