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Shri Swamiji’s Mahasamadhi day – 28th March 2011, 17th Aradhana

Once in ages a Yogi appears on this earth, not to undergo any karma or destiny but for sake of the welfare of the world. A Yogi comes for the sake of Mission work.

Shri Guru Maharaj Swamiji never did go into any formalities of rituals or show. His life and teachings have been very simple, often in a baptizing way. Like a photo click, by the time you would have realized something, words would have come out of His mouth like precious gems – diamonds, gold etc … If for a worldly person these are precious, for a spiritual oriented seeker His silence and His words were precious in the highest way. If Swamiji was in silence it was a spiritual feast, but if He said something, it was equally precious teachings. Midnight, when Swamiji was strolling around on the balcony in Dehra Dun ashram, it always reminded me of Sri Ramana’s words that even when a Yogi is talking, He is the ever silent one and when such a Yogi is walking His footsteps are not on the earth, it is like measuring the sky by sky. Once Swamiji suddenly said, “Hey what do you know about Mission?” I did not answer but maintained silence and waited, stopping the breath for a while that something significant is going to come out of Swamiji’s mouth. My mind said, ‘only Swamiji can give the right answer about Mission’. I was walking on His left side – hitting me on the head with His left hand He said, “It is simple, if you live for yourself it’s life, if you live for others its Mission”.

The Yogi is always one with the Divinity, omnipresent. Simply one day the physical appearance comes to an end. In the spiritual language it is recognized as Mahasamadhi – in total standstillness, One with the Divinity.

Swamiji taught Dhyana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga. Swamiji is the embodiment of Bhagavadgeeta. He taught and blessed one and all without any discrimination of religion, caste, creed, status, rich or poor, educated academically or not. As one would like to be devoted to Shri Swamiji humbly forever, it is also essential to follow the footsteps of Swamiji to do sadhana. Put in efforts as emphasized by Swamiji. Meditate and know Yourself. In duality “I” exist at the lotus feet of Shri Swamiji as a dust particle, in non duality “I” do not exist at all, only Shri Swamiji exists. It’s You, it’s You my Lord. Shri Swamiji is always with us, in us, as us. Meditate, withdraw the mind, go introvert and you will find Swamiji within.

With love and blessings,


28th March 2011

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