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Shri Swamiji’s 50th Anniversary Tapas Purti

Babaji’s Message for Shri Swamiji’s 50th anniversary Tapas Purti day – 7th August 2011

It was pitch darkness. The city bus stopped and I got down. 15 November 1974. I had reached the destination of my dream, beloved Shri Swamiji’s abode in North India. Swamiji had established this as His center and Ashram a couple of years back after the property was donated to Swamiji by Mataji Kailash Kumari Devi.

As I walked on I saw the gate was open and a small light in the portico was on. Assuming that to be Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram I entered. Since then this Dehra Dun Ashram has had been the heritage monumental building of the fondest memories of my beloved Guru Shivabalayogi’s physical presence.

This year we are going to celebrate 50th anniversary of Shri Swamiji’s completion of Tapas. Though Shri Swamiji’s physical body has disappeared from the eyes of devotees, Shri Swamiji continues to live with all of us, His children. Dehra Dun is one of His many abodes that He established in the course of His physical life on this earth for sake of devotees to utilize to do sadhana of Dhyana and Bhakti. This Dehra Dun ashram is the place He taught me the highest Spiritual Truths in the simplest way. Swamiji said when you want to give to others what you give out depends on what you have with you – if you have mud you will end up throwing mud on somebody, if you have earned the nectar of peace, then only you will be able to give the nectar of peace to others. He emphasized practice and experiencing the Truth for oneself. And He always emphasized sharing with others and living for a larger cause.

He spoke the truth in a straightforward manner – He was honest and energetic. He was sincere and had a pure heart. Swamiji used to say, ‘God can come in anyway because God is everywhere’. He was 14 years old, His parents had named Him Sathyaraju. On that fateful day of 7th August He witnessed the dazzling manifestation of Lord Shiva as a Jangama Sage. Energetic vibrations came out of the fruit that He was trying to squeeze out juice from; the mesmerizing ‘OM’ sound effect came out. The fruit took shape of a Shivalingam. As this was happening in front of Him, none of the other 12 friends there were able to see anything. They were not chosen, He was chosen. The Shivalingam split in two pieces and the Jangama Sage appeared. Nobody else saw. Only He saw. Then others saw Him sitting in lotus posture, hands locked and closed eyes. Jangama Deva had made Him sit into lotus posture and touched Him in between eyebrows. Same instructions were given to Him, which He gave to the world later. ‘Keep watching in between eyebrows, do not repeat anything and do not imagine. Do not open your eyes’. Sathyaraju went on watching without imagining anything else. Visions appeared but He kept watching. Finally the Divine merged in Him. The seer and seen had vanished. This technique Swamiji taught the whole world freely without any discrimination or bondage. ‘Keeping the eyes closed, concentrate your mind and sight in between eye brows and keep watching there by focusing the attention. Do not repeat any mantra or name. Do not imagine anything’.

He was caring like a Mother. He gave us everything. He gave us His presence, which is always there. Amazing, breathtaking, total silence of mind…..againand again, millions of prostrations at His Lotus feet seeking refuge. There ‘I’ do not exist, it is only ‘YOU’, MASTER SHIVABALAYOGI.

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