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Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj’s 84th Birthday Celebration

24th January has always been and will always be an auspicious date in the calendar of all SBSRBY devotees. On this date in 1935, in a small weaving village in Andhra Pradesh called Adivarapupeta, Sathyaraju was born. After 12 years of intense Tapas, on 7th August 1961, Sathyaraju emerged as a Self Realised Yogi with the name Shivabalayogi. Every year on 24th January the SBSRBY Universal Peace Mission Malaysia celebrates Shri Guru Maharaj’s Birthday grandly.

This year the celebrations began with the Maha Agni Hotra prayers at 6pm. After the pooja was the cake cutting ceremony. Lively bhajans and annadaanam followed. Shri Babaji’s message on this auspicious occasion was, ” As we celebrate the 84th Birthday of Shri Guru Maharaj, we all know He is with us all the time, guiding and inspiring to keep working to create awareness of Peace, Harmony, Dhyana, Atma Sakshaatkaara, Annadaanam etc. May we all be blessed by our Divine Guru.”



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