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Devotees of Shri Shivabalayogi Swamiji Maharaj are going to celebrate Shri Swamiji’s 80th birthday. Shri Guru Maharaj continues to live with us as ever, guiding, inspiring with grace and blessings. Devotees continue to feel His presence.

Still we do miss His physical presence. The love and beauty of Swamiji as a Mother, Father, Guru and God. Birthday is to celebrate His presence with us. To resolve with focussed strength to walk on the great path He has shown. To respect and love each other. To Meditate & become aware of the Self. He teaches Human values, to respect all religions, caste & creed without any discrimination.

Great Yogis come to this world to teach peace, sadhana, harmony. Swamiji said greatest dakshina you can give me is, when you do sadhana and achieve purity of mind, awareness of the Self and overcome all selfish ego. As you want to do everything for yourself, first know yourself, what and who you are. All the evil ego will then vanish. He spoke sweetly and taught. When He scolded, spoke harshly, it was His teachings. He loved at all times in every way. Repeatedly He spoke of watching quietly in Meditation. He said, mind needs to become silent to achieve Self awareness. He said do not try to understand, meditate and become aware of the Self. Swamiji said, Yogi’s consciousness is like space measuring the space. The Self in the awareness of the Self. Like Peace in its Supreme Ultimate. Purely composed like the sky. Swamiji said in the stillness of mind you will know the Self, in the wavering of mind you will know only its imaginations.

Let us celebrate His 80th birthday and His Divine presence. May you all be blessed with peace and harmony.

With love and blessings,

Babaji, 24 Jan 2015



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