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Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi’s Birthday Message

Shri Babaji’s 57th Birthday Message – 20th September 2011

All the grace, blessings and guidance is always from Shri Swamiji Guru Maharaj, the Divine Guru. Babaji is only an instrument at the lotus feet of Shri Guru Maharaj. Recently somebody asked a question, ‘Babaji why do you often refer to the Divine Guru in your talks? Is it that you saw the Divine as Guru?

Actually during Babaji’s Tapas whenever Guru Maharaj Shri Swamiji appeared, to guide and help, He identified Himself by saying ,’ I am The Divine Guru’ – that’s how I got used to calling Shri Swamiji Guru Maharaj, often, as the ‘Divine Guru’.

The Divine Guru used to say whenever it is your birthday, remember that your body is one more year closer to death. How much efforts have you put in to meditate and actually how much have you meditated. Ask yourself, how much have your mind become concentrated, purified and been able to watch with unwavering focus. The more peace that has descended, know that mind is that much closer to the Real Self, the Divine.

The Divine Guru said, ‘For Yogis birthdays are not celebrated for their own enjoyment, it is celebrated for sake of devotees, so that it shall become an opportunity for some satsang and sadhana’. All seekers are welcome.

It is the Divine Guru only who inspires, it is He who gives the message, and Baba conveys that message to the devotees all over, who are interested in genuine spiritual truths. The Divine Guru always emphasized that one must do sadhana to achieve that Truth for themselves. That was and is why He repeatedly tells devotees to practice Meditation to achieve the awareness of SELF, Supreme peace and purity of mind. ‘Meditate and know yourself’. Then you will come to know what you actually need. The Divine Guru said, ‘If you are pure, you will always think of the larger cause, and not in a selfish narrow-minded way’.

Some say that the Divine Guru was controversial. He was outspoken but never controversial; He just spoke the Truth frankly. Only such people who could not digest the Truth called it controversial. The Divine Guru never indulged in politics or double standard in the name of frankness or outspokenness. He lived for the larger cause. The Divine Guru is always the kindest. We always feel totally secure at His lotus feet.

Real birth is when the mind regains awareness of the SELF, the Supreme Consciousness, and merges with IT. Otherwise body is only a dead entity (known as SHAVA); it is only consciousness that gives it ‘life’. SHIVA is your existence in total thoughtlessness state, the Supreme Consciousness of Existence. SHIVABALAYOGI is none other than the All Pervaded Divinity; all of us are ONE with THAT Ultimate Truth of Existence.

“Janma Jaraa Maranaadi Vinaashaka, Shokavimardhana Pranava Shiva Hara…..”. Shiva, the one who exists in Himself, is the destroyer of the illnesses of birth, death, all pains and sorrows…..Om Shivaya Shivabalayogendraya Parabrahmanaya.

On this occasion of 20th September 2011, offering unconditional surrender, prostrations with deep love and reverence and seeking refuge at the Lotus Feet of the Divine Guru, Baba conveys love and blessings to all of you.

Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi

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