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Shri Babaji’s New Year Message

2011 – One more time we are entering another new year. All over the world different cultures celebrate new year according to their traditional calendars which falls on different months of the English calendar which is used more popularly around the world. It is the same Sun. Same earth going around the Sun once a year.

That is how new year is celebrated. New hopes and dreams for humanity for peace, prosperity etc. I myself dream of harmonious life for all humans. Love and honor to each other. Understanding and becoming aware of the true purpose of life. Understanding the essence of health, not only for body but mind and moral values. Otherwise simply earth keeps going round the Sun, which is happening since time immemorial. One year becomes past and another comes into the present. Every year passes by, but humanity does not learn anything properly. Properly means for me, failure to achieve Awareness of one’s own Existence, failure to understand the values of health to body, mind and consideration to each other. Inability to live harmoniously and peacefully. Until one does not achieve peace within, one cannot create an awareness of peace and harmony to others. When one is unable to achieve peace within, one would have wasted a whole year’s precious time that was available. One more chance when a new year comes. One more time precious opportunity is wasted when that year gives way to another.

One more time the Divine is giving us a chance and an opportunity to achieve peace within. Harmony inside and harmony in outward behavior. This is possible when one puts in efforts to achieve Self awareness. Then such a one’s consciousness called mind gains the ability to think of the larger cause, welfare of the entire universe, of harmony and peace for all. One gains the ability to be compassionate to others, understand, love and respect others.

Like the universe has no beginning and end, how can time be framed into a beginning and end? It is just a change of calendar every year for the sake of human convenience. For relativity we need time framed into days, weeks and years but most people don’t pay much attention how quickly the days, months and years are passing – from childhood to youth, youth to old age, old age to death and death to rebirth – the cycle goes on. Let’s celebrate this New Year by resolving not to waste the precious time available for one more year, not to lose the opportunity available to know the Self in its real essence, not to lose the determination and courage to achieve peace within and understand the values of the health of body, mind and moral values, of the need to have consideration for each other and make this world a better place to live, a better place for the coming generations. If we can live such a life only then we can leave some message for the people of this world and for the coming generations. We need to have courage and patience to face the world and not run away from responsibilities, need to do sadhana and create an awareness in others to do such sadhana through which one can achieve the Self awareness, peace and harmony within and love, respect for others. May you all be blessed for that peace and harmony.

Happy new year to all.

With love and blessings,


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