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Shri Babaji’s message for the recent Tsunami

Japan is devastated. A natural disaster. It’s sad and unfortunate. So many innocent lives involved, destruction has happened. That is the impermanence of the world. Still I am sure humanity will come together forgetting all differences and selfishness. It was so in 2004 that we saw and now again in 2011. Through many fields of knowledge, humanity has tried to foresee and forewarn any danger and calamity. Whatever it is, we do also learn that how difficult it is to pinpoint and predict exactly. Humanity often gets caught unaware into these calamities. Once again it is a reminder and warning to us, humans, to learn and live for each other. In 2004 also we saw humanity coming together to help the victims. Now also they will come together. This is what is heartening, to see that humans have the character and dignity to understand and help their fellow humans in need. Some use such situations to manipulate for selfish gains. Last time we heard some gurus trying to cash in by telling various nonsense things to impress upon their followers. Like a certain guru’s followers tried to propagate that their Goddess Guru got annoyed for just a while and thus the tsunami happened. Such things are disgusting and certainly not spirituality, which always promotes peace and harmony, consideration to each other, coming together to help the people in need.

We pray to the Supreme Consciousness which is considered as the Divinity, to cool the nature so that no more such destruction happens anywhere. May all creatures of the world be blessed with peaceful, harmonious coexistence. Our sympathies are with the innocent, unfortunate victims of this earthquake and tsunami. Let all of us come together to pray for and help the people in need.

With love and blessings,


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