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Shri Babaji’s 22nd Tapas Poorthi Homa

His Holiness Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi’s 22nd Tapas Purthi Homa was conducted at the lpoh Centre, Malaysia on 21 Nov 2021. It was indeed a blessing for the devotees in Malaysia, as during the current health situation all mission activities were restricted to home poojas. All health SOPs were duly observed during the pooja.

It was a night of joyous celebration of our Living Yogi’s Tapas Purthi. Devotees were immersed in deep prayers, thanking their Divine Guru for His Grace and Guidance and for guiding them in their spiritual sadhana.

Pooja, bhajans and aarthi followed the Maha Agni Hotra and anathanam was served according to the current SOP set by the authorities.

Jai Shivabalayogi Maharaj

Jai Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj



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