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Retreat with Shri Babaji 18 – 22 Dec 2019

The annual Retreat with Shri Babaji is an integral part of the SBSRBY Universal Peace Mission, Malaysia. In 2019, the Retreat was held from 18 – 22 December, in Fraser’s Hill, in a bungalow set amidst lush greenery. This Retreat , in the presence of a Living Yogi, gave devotees the space and time for some inner change to happen. The many hours of meditation, Satsang and Question & Answer sessions with Shri Babaji helped devotees to clear numerous doubts pertaining to Spirituality and their personal Sadhana. The daily poojas enabled devotees to anchor themselves as they participated in the bhajans and aarti. In the afternoons there was much time for all to have quiet moments to themselves to reflect, reassess and refresh their Sadhana to enhance their Spiritual Journey. There was much joy in many hearts as they listened to the whispers of their Soul.

The spirit of missionhood too was strengthened as devotees went about quietly serving food and assisting in the logistics of running a retreat.

As the Retreat drew to a close, there was a feeling of renewed strength to soldier on in our Sadhana to reconnect with our True Self and be of service to mankind.

Jai Shivabalayogi Maharaj

Jai Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj



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