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New Year Message 2015

Ten years ago the world was devastated, when the Tsunami hit several parts of the globe. People around the world are remembering with prayers and sadness for their loved ones who perished in that horrible disaster.

Many innocent who had nothing to do with wars or violence, sins or faults were caught unawares, got trapped and vanished without a chance to escape. This reminded us of the impermanence of this universe. A natural disaster, anywhere, anytime, anything could happen and things become of the past. One thing was amazing – humanity was inspired to come together. For a while they forgot country, region, religion and borders. People rushed to help, assist the suffering. It was a lesson to humanity to remain united, to live for each other, be non-violent, maintain peace and harmony.

But then time passes by, people of this world forget or are made to forget. Violent wars continue, terrorism becomes the order of the day. The innocent unarmed who have nothing to do with wars get killed. In earlier days we heard of warriors taking up swords to fight, now children get shot in schools, mothers and sisters get raped on the road, nobody, nowhere is safe.

We are advanced, scientific, technological experts, gadget after gadget coming to equip us, so that we can cheat each other better, we can destroy each other with advanced technology. We have no peace, no harmony. We cannot allow each other to live in peace.

It is time to consider, to purify our minds with better thinking and practice for peace, harmony, consideration and kindness to each other. We need to stop talking in the name of religion, spirituality, God etc. It is time we talk and practice to purify our minds, it is time to talk and practice to be kind and considerate to each other, it is time to talk and practice to know our selves better.

It is time to talk and practice not to kill each other, not to rape our mothers and sisters, not to kill children. It is time to talk and practice to leave a better inspiration to the coming generations to live in peace and harmony. Because we do not know when another tsunami might strike to end this world. Until then let us live in consideration to each other with love and honor, peacefully, harmoniously.

If this makes sense share with your friends and loved ones.

May the New Year bring happiness, maturity, peace and harmony to all beings.

Love and Blessings


1 January 2015

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