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New Year Message

Festivals come, we consider them as auspicious to celebrate and enjoy. We want to be happy. If we practice right things throughout our life we can always be happy. Though festivals are there to enjoy, eat and be happy we should not forget that there is much more to learn and adopt. Any festival whether New Year or otherwise, it should be an excuse to remember Divinity, our real existence and that on this Earth we have responsibilities. That is what it is to be spiritual, meaning to be better human beings able to love and honor each other, be considerate to each other.

All great souls with Self awareness, who came from time to time in different parts of the world, taught that first it is important to be good human beings, forgiving, caring for each other. Earth is for all, there are enough resources for all. All have a right to live happily, peacefully. Collectively we all need to help each other to live peacefully, harmoniously.

Our beloved Guru Shri Swamiji wanted that all learn and practice meditation to purify their minds and know themselves better, gain ability to love and consider about each other and live happily. Humanity needs to overcome greed, arrogance and selfish narrow-mindedness. Needs to overcome discriminating and belittling each other. There is a need to understand and appreciate each other. This is what we need to look forward to as we wish happy new year. We have to make it happy for all. We need to draw inspiration from these great Self realized Masters and need to understand and appreciate the great message that they lived and let us resolve to practice that word for word.

Wish you all a very happy new year. May you all be blessed to be fortunate to have peace, practice peace and give only peace. May you all have that Divine love to give and take.

With Love and blessings,


1 Jan 2016



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