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Navarathiri 2018

The festival of Navarathri is always celebrated with much reverence at the SBSRBY Mission Centre in Rawang. The Kolu, with statues of all the different forms of the Goddess Mother or Amma, is beautifully arranged at the altar and prayers are conducted nightly for nine days.

The concept of celebrating Navarathri is not merely fasting and doing pooja for Amma but it is a reminder that as we pray to the Divine Mother we should sincerely seek for Blessings and Strength from Her to help us to do our sadhana in this world. We seek for Shakti or power, Aishwariyam or wealth and Kalvi or knowledge and wisdom to help us overcome our ego and evolve to realise our true Self.

There are three areas that we should pray for. The first being Shakti or divine energy, from Durga Amma, that will give us courage, determination, resilience and willpower to always stay in the path of righteousness. Then we should pray for Aishwariyam or wealth, from Mahalakshmi Amma, for leading a meaningful, grateful and satisfied life. The wealth one should seek for should not be in monetary form but wealth in the form of richness of being grateful and thankful for all our needs that God has given us and for putting on hold the unnecessary wants that we often seek for. Finally, with Shakti and Aishwariyam we need the Wisdom to use these Blessings. Hence we worship Saraswathy Amma, for the Knowledge of the Ultimate Truth that will enable us to live in a righteous manner.

Having been bestowed with Shakti, Aishwariyam and Wisdom to do our sadhana in this life, we seek for the Divine Mother’s Blessings to keep our ego at bay so that our sadhana is done selflessly without any attachment to our Shakti, Aishwariyam and Wisdom. This is done on the celebratory day of Vijayathasami. May the Divine Mother watch over Her children as they strive to do good and be good in this life.

Jai Shivabalayogi Jai Shivarudrabalayogi Jai Mata Durga Ma Jai Mata Lakshmi Ma Jai Mata Saraswathy Ma



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