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Mahalakshmi Pooja 11 March 2023

After the Maha Agni Hotra on 11 March 2023, the female devotees of the SBSRBY Universal Peace Mission Malaysia were blessed with the opportunity to perform the Mahalakshmi Pooja to the Divine Mother.

Offering flower petals to a lighted oil lamp, the kuthuvilaku, the devotees prayed to the Divine Mother for Her Blessings of Abundance and Auspiciousness to carry us through this life. Goddness Mahalakshmi is the embodiment of all that is Auspicious, all that is Beautiful. To the devotee who prays with sincere intent, She bestows Prosperity, Wealth and Success, which is far deeper than that which is materialistic. It is the abundance of Blessings that we receive, the abundance of Gratitude that we acknowledge in our lives and the rich Connection we have with the Divine, the Universe and our seva to Humanity. These then translate to success in our spiritual sadhana which will enhance our physical presence on this earth.

Devotees who participated in the Mahalakshmi Pooja were blessed with a peaceful feeling of joy and abundance.

Jai Mahalakshmi Ma !

Jai Shivabalayogi Maharaj !

Jai Shivarudrabalayogi Maharaj !




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