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Hanuman Jayanthi Prayers

Hanuman Jayanthi, falling on the 31st of March 2018, is celebrated in commemoration of the birth of Lord Hanuman, and is a reminder of the selfless service and unwavering devotion of Hanumanji, to his Guru, Lord Rama.

In honour of this auspicious day, a Homa and Pooja was held in the Rawang Centre, with devotees from the various centers in Malaysia in attendance. The faith and devotion between a disciple and his Guru, was illustrated in the various mellifluous bhajans sang during this celebration.

This celebration of Hanuman Jayanthi, and the veneration towards Lord Hanuman, serves as an inspiration to all devotees to embody the qualities of faith and devotion, in the face of all of life’s obstacles, to strive above the trials and tribulations of this worldly life, by surrendering at the Lotus Feet of their Master.

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