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Dehradun Yatra September 2018

The Annual sojourn by the Malaysian disciples to celebrate the Birthday of Shri Babaji, the Living Himalayan Yogi, was from 14 to 23 September 2018. It is indeed a great blessing when disciples are able to be in the benign presence of their Guru and celebrate His birth date.

A typical day in the Ashram began with the devotees partaking in the morning pooja and recitation of the Vedic Slokas and Hanuman Chalisa lead by Shri Babaji Himself. Devotees then either sat for meditation or in quiet solitude, enveloped in deep contemplation, until breakfast was served.

Many priceless moments, of either just sitting silently in Shri Babaji’s presence at the terrace or listening to Shri Babaji’s Satsangs, were experienced by the devotees.

It was a grand two days of celebration to commemorate Shri Babaji’s 64th Birthday. On the 19th of September the Ghantarva Maha Agni Hotra was conducted followed by bhajans sung by the Malaysian devotees. Lunch prasad was served after the devotees offered their pranams to Shri Babaji. As the sun was setting, the Patha Pooja ceremony commenced. This ceremonial washing of the Guru’s Feet and offering flowers at His Lotus Feet signifies the deep gratitude and devotion that the disciples have for their Guru. Disciples experience the Divine outpour? ing of Love and Compassion of their Guru…and this fortifies the special bond between Guru and disciple. After the Mangalaarthi, dinner prasad was served.

20th September dawned bright and beautiful. Shri Babaji paid homage to His Guru, Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj and disciples sat with Shri Babaji for the morn? ing chants. The chants ended with “Loka Samasta Sukinoh Bhavanthu” for World Peace. Just as Shri Babaji was about to leave the meditation hall, a disciple broke out into the birthday song for Him and all present joined in to sing and wish Shri Babaji. Shortly before noon about a hundred school children from the Government Primary and Upper Primary School, Malsi, Dehradun arrived at the Ashram with their school Principal and teachers. Shri Babaji addressed the children and His message was that they strive to be worthy human beings by being considerate of each other, always showing love and care and living their life for a larger cause. Selfless service should be central in their lives He said. Before Lunch prasad was served, Babaji gifted all the children with a sweater, a box of sweets and a muffin. As the children were from challenged backgrounds, the sweater would help keep them warm as winter was fast approaching in Dehradun.

Just as night fell, the auspicious Birthday celebrations began. Hundreds of devotees from in and around Dehradun and various parts of India and around the globe gathered on the lawns of the Shivabalayogi Trust Ashram to welcome Shri Babaji. Also present were a number of State dignitaries from Dehradun. Shri Babaji’s birthday message was that social service and social welfare should be paramount in a human being’s life and always considering the larger cause makes a human life worthy. Greed and ego can degrade the mind and its thinking process which will eventually lead to suffering. ” Live for each other, not against each other, ” Shri Babaji emphasised. After His message, Shri Babaji rendered a Guru hymn as His tribute to His Beloved Guru, Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. The cake cutting ceremony was followed by the Mangalaarthi. Melodious bhajans filled the air as devotees took their blessings from Shri Babaji. Sumptious dinner prasad was served at the gaily lit back lawn of the Ashram.

All too soon the Yatra ended , leaving each disciple who journeyed to Dehradun, with a sense of great joy and gratitude to their Guru and God for being given this blessing of celebrating Shri Babaji’s birth date in His Divine presence.

Jai Shivabalayogi Jai Shivarudrabalayogi



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